Nintendo Ramps Up SNES Classic Production, Revives NES Classic

Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2017

Nintendo has also announced that more shipments of the Super NES Classic Edition are due to land in stores on September 29 - meaning there should be more stock ready for consumers by Christmas.

Recently Nintendo took up to their twitter handle and announced that Famicom Mini production was resuming in 2018, the re-launch date being revealed sometime in future.

Retro consoles: Will Sega Genesis and Atari Flashback rival SNES Classic Mini? Nintendo isn't exactly known for listening to its fans, so it's good to see the Japanese gaming giant give the folks exactly what they're asking for by restocking/increasing supply of the diminutive consoles.

Nintendo is telling would-be buyers of the Super NES Classic Edition console not to worry. He believes that people do not deserve to pay more than $79.99 Dollars for the game system.

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Nintendo's SNES Classic will retail for $79.99 and includes 21 games, including Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 game.

The Nintendo SNES Classic hasn't become available as yet but there are already reports of pre-orders overwhelming various retailers. Nintendo also confirmed today its decision to start manufacturing the NES Classic again.

According to Business Insider, one Nintendo representative had stated in June, "We aren't providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition".

On the topic of the NES Classic Mini, Nintendo has announced that it will bring this system back, with new shipments from next summer. The company plans to radically up the number of systems it produces, hopefully preventing the severe shortages that plagued last year's NES Classic. The SNES Classic will be available for $79.99 Dollars or $99.99 CAD. However, it seems like Nintendo is making a significant effort to produce as many consoles as the people need.