Google Store is now a Google-only store

Friday, 06 Oct, 2017

Until now the app used to come pre-installed on Android phones but now you can easily download it and use it. The app works like a shortcut to launch the Google Assitant and is compatible only with devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above (Sorry Lolipop users).

Google introduced Google Assitant past year with the launch of Android Nougat.

Ryan Gosling cracks up again in another SNL sketch about alien abductions
Alec Baldwin is back as Trump and it's a little weird to directly compare his impression to what he was doing a year ago. Maybe you just want people to stop calling non-brand Velcro Velcro when it's really generic hook-and-loop .

The last remaining mystery about Google's new Pixel phones just leaked
The 5-inch Pixel 2 will reportedly have the standard 16:9 aspect ratio you'd find in some of the older smartphones out there. The company is also expected to reveal the new Google Home Mini and a new daydream VR headset along with the Pixel devices.

Saudi Women Drivers Had a Long and Painful Journey
However, a new announcement allowing women to start driving signifies a significant expansion of women's rights in the country. In a blog post a year ago , Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal wrote it was "high time that women started driving their cars".

The newest Google Play Store version might not be a big update but it comes with a couple of features under the hood, including the Cookbooks, FAB button and Quick install button. The Assistant was first exclusive to Pixel devices but it, later on, was made available for other Android Nougat devices as well. But, we will update this space if we discover anything new in this particular version of Google Play Store. But before we could explore the latest update, Google has released another update, and this time there has been a significant jump in the build number.

NAB has created an app for Google Assistant that allows customers to use voice prompts to find information about the bank's products and services. Add to that even earlier version numbers (8.2.38, 8.2.37, 8.2.36 and 8.2.32) and you get the idea that Google is pushing out changes as rapidly to the Play Store as it can. You can access it through a direct link. The new app sports a modernized interface that is fast and fun to interact with, and has conveniences like offline sync and personalized push notifications baked-in, front and center. Its official page is still online, Google made no announcements about killing the platform, and the fact that Google is not interested in selling actual Wear hardware through its Store doesn't necessarily mean that Wear is no more.