Black Panther Was Originally Designed As An Origin Story

Friday, 23 Feb, 2018

Black Panther has been out for less than a week and has already hauled in US$462 million (NZ$632 million) internationally. What began as a tweet has given social media a new dream destination and even "Black Panther" stars like Lupita Nyong'o need answers. "In our film that character is just settling in", he said.

Guess Obama had not heard that left-wing magazine Salon was duly scorched after making the claim that "Black Panther" is the "first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center".

Speaking to Screen Rant earlier this month, director Ryan Coogler has said that a potential sequel could explore the differences between T'Challa's kingship on screen and in the comic books. Disney built a fantastically solid foundation, then tapped into the magical Marvel hype machine to amplify the film's inherent strengths.

Imagine going to see a Marvel superhero movie where all of the characters not only look similar to you, but where a story is about the often negatively highlighted continent from where your ancestors arose.

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When the daily images that you see of yourself are negative or non-existent, it does something to your psyche. T'Challa is the love interest to "melanined" super spy Nakia, played by the attractive Lupita Nyong'o. Instead, they refer to him as White Wolf. Vanity Fair reported there was a scene in which Ayo flirts with Danai Gurira's character Okoye that didn't make the movie. One of my favorite aspects of the film is all of time put into the creating the culture of Wakanda. "Throughout the movie she has two looks, one of which I coined the Wakanda knots".

Marvel likely wouldn't want to rush out a potential sequel, meaning they would want to allow plenty of time to write the script, shoot the film and the edit it. "We talked about different things and that was one of things we talked about".

Indeed, the duo teamed on Coogler's directorial debut, the harrowing Fruitvale Station, before graduating to a franchise film that landed on the awards circuit with Creed.

The (potentially) earliest date a sequel could be released on would be either November 2020 or February 2021. Hidden from the rest of world for centuries, Wakanda hasn't been subjected to European colonization and has thrived without white influence.