Backstage News on When WWE Decided to Clear Daniel Bryan to Return

Thursday, 22 Mar, 2018

Bryan got a leg up the following year when he was signed into the World Wrestling Federation's development system. The Wrestling Observer reports that Bryan had gone to Dr. Joseph Maroon and asked him what he needed in order to get cleared.

He and Bryan tangled several times during their time on the circuit and they've clashed before in WWE, but this current incarnation of Cesaro is far more assured both in his character and his place with the fans. Bryan thanked Brie several times, which started a "thank you Brie" chant in the arena. I hope Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon gives them an opportunity.

The show opened with a montage of Bryan's career highlights and then he entered the ring to deliver his speech. Man leading to a two-on-one assault.

Bryan then fired Owens and Zayn.

Speaking last August, he said: "All of a sudden, one of the doctors that had cleared me calls me and said, 'Bryan, what happened?"

But as Bryan learned more about the testing, and what had been found, he began to doubt the results of the tests and sought a bevy of other opinions.

There are times when I really dislike the fact this business is so predictable.

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Ring the bell and cancel the voting, because we already have 2018's happiest wrestling moment. His latest book is the History of the WWE Championship.

WWE made the announcement at exactly 3PM ET on Tuesday, which would mean that Bryan was cleared around 2PM ET. In a subsequent appearance on ESPN, though, he said that he felt he could wrestle again. Well, the second End of Days, actually. While everyone is looking forward to the Flair vs. Asuka showdown at WrestleMania, they're doing a good job of reminding everyone that Carmella and her briefcase are a factor.

Harper stops Jimmy Uso in his tracks and lays him out with his signature discus clothesline. While the match never quite hits the heights of their previous one, this was a solid SmackDown match that kept the crowd hot after the opening Bryan segment.

Is Jinder Mahal winning the United States Title a foregone conclusion? Mahal made his way to the ring to rant about what he deserves, but he was eventually interrupted by Roode.

However, this is WWE, and stories need to be told and friends need to be betrayed.

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