'Smallville' Star Kristin Kreuk Also Involved Once in Allison Mack's Cult

Saturday, 31 Mar, 2018

Following the arrest of its leader and questions about the future of Allison Mack, longtime Smallville leading lady Kirstin Kreuk has issued a statement denying ties to an alleged "sex cult".

"Smallville" actress Allison Mack chased after a police auto carrying alleged sex-cult leader Keith Raniere as he was arrested in Mexico on Monday, cell phone video footage reveals.

Last fall, The New York Times reported that several DOS women accused Raniere of branding their flesh like cattle, and forcing them into sexual servitude.

The actress stated in the post that she took an intensive class with Executive Success Programs/Nxvim for help with personal growth. Some believe Mack could be arrested next. Mack has also appeared in promotional videos with the alleged cult leader. Smallville actress Allison Mack was reportedly photographed in the background during his arrest, according to the Rolling Stones.

Kreuk was the first to join NXIVM around 2005/2006 and she brought Mack into the cult shortly afterward.

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Ex-NXIVM member actress Sarah Edmondson said her branding - which she willingly received during an initiation ritual for a sorority she claims is associated with NXIVM - was "worst than childbirth".

According to a criminal complaint filed Monday, Raniere ran a pyramid scheme in which male "masters" collected "collateral", including information and photos from female "slaves" in order to coerce them into sex or other tasks.

"The accusations that I was in the "inner circle" or recruited women as "sex slaves" are blatantly false", the statement continued. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity.

Kreuk's role allegedly included luring women into the cult to be used as "sex slaves" for Raniere, who was referred to as "Vanguard". From there, they were indoctrinated into the group's negative beliefs about women, sometimes put on extremely restrictive diets, and were forced to perform "acts of care" for their Masters.

In fact, Kreuk says she is "horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS". Kristin Kreuk played Clark Kent's love interest, Lana Lang. Mexican officials took Keith Raniere into custody in Puerta Vallarta, where he fled a year ago. Other members also reportedly include former "Dallas" star Catherine Oxenberg's daughter India Oxenberg, wealthy Seagram's heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman, and "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" star Kristin Kreuk.