My 2 Cents: Fresno State Professor Under Fire For Barbara Bush Tweets

Friday, 20 Apr, 2018

While Professor Jarrar's comments are protected under the First Amendment, the provocative and reckless manner that she conducted herself through her tweets last night is irresponsible. The original tweet received more than 2,400 replies, and Jarrar sent dozens of additional tweets, most in response to the positive and negative messages she has received.

While she indicated that professors had a responsibility to use free speech properly, she wouldn't say whether it was appropriate for Jarrar to curse at and taunt others on social media.

While Jarrar bragged that she can't be fired from her tenured position as an English professor at Fresno State, the university's president said that's false. She said Fresno State police Chief David Huerta is working with the university to provide those security measures but did not elaborate on the specific plans.

Jarrar is not now teaching any courses, USA Today.

Jarrar did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But I sincerely hope it's only temporary and she's back to work soon.

The comments from Professor Randa Jarrar are wholly inappropriate and out of line.

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"Jarrar's racist rants disrupt the learning environment at Fresno", a commenter wrote Wednesday after Jarrar's Bush comments.

She first met her husband-to-be at the age of 16 when she was a schoolgirl and he was a student at an elite preparatory school in MA. I would avoid this class at all costs, Randa makes it clear that she hates white people.

Amid the barrage of criticism, some defended Jarrar.

Shortly afterwards Jarrar set her Twitter account to private, and shortly after Fresno State President Joseph Castro, who she included in one of the inflammatory tweets, distanced the university from her remarks. "We are all held accountable for our actions".

Bush has always been considered the rock at the center of one of America´s most prominent political families, as the wife of a president and the mother to another - George W. Bush - and to Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor and onetime presidential aspirant.

Actually, disparaging is an understatement, crude and inflammatory is more accurate. That being the case, her employment status at the university does not appear to be related to Wednesday's tweets. Bush and those who were offering words of condolence.