Venom's first official trailer shows us what we want to see

Wednesday, 25 Apr, 2018

Sony Pictures has released a first full trailer for Spider-Man spin-off "Venom".

Without spoiling the trailer, it's clear Sony wants to make a really good anti-hero movie.

Yes indeed, this new trailer shows Venom rather than just Eddie Brock, but not before giving us a little bit of backstory. Venom is one of the most iconic villains of Spiderman having faced him and bested him a number of times.

When it comes to Venom's overall look, both versions are similar in terms of being bulky, black and, well, gooey - all traits that faithfully reflect the comic version.

Hardy's Venom does have the edge in terms of looking more like he came straight off the comic pages.

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Venom will draw from Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes. If the music in the Venom movie trailer sounds familiar, it's because it's actually the exact same music that was featured in one of the trailers for Avengers: Infinity War. It even includes a grizzly shot of Eddie Brock transforming into Venom, and he looks fantastic! While we are at it, his Venom look is also pretty well done.

The second installment of the new Venom trailer dropped, according to, and it features the investigative reporter Eddie Brock.

The character originates from the Spider-Man line of comic books, and was originally introduced in 1984. While this film doesn't exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the current Spider-Man (Tom Holland), having a Venom movie in a world where the character doesn't at least exist somewhere is very odd. Finally, the naysayers thought that a lacking Spider-Man isn't on par with the origin story.

Venom is scheduled for release on October 5, 2018.