Google Duplex Makes Phone Calls For You

Thursday, 10 May, 2018

This way you can make the most of this section on your Android P smartphone.

At its I/O 2018 event, .

Back in October 2017, Google announced that it would be releasing a male voice to accompany the female Google Assistant voice. Google said that "more great journalism [is] being produced than ever before", and to make it easier to make sense of it all, it is bringing all its products into a unified News experience.

Google Duplex marks the key next step in the development of autonomous smart assistants. The outlet goes on to say that Google is working on a Chrome OS-specific version of Android Studio.

Google is also experimenting with a new visual format called Newscasts.

Now with a new "Routine" feature, users can use one command to trigger a sequence of "Actions", of which there are one million possibilities.

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One of the biggest crowd-pleasers for the thousands of software developers who gathered at the outdoor conference was an augmented reality feature on Google Maps that helps people get walking directions. While numerous cool updates are coming to Android and Google services this year, the gist of the matter is that AI and machine learning will take precedence and will plat the pivotal role moving forward. When told there are no appointments for the time "the client" had requested, the AI seamlessly offers up alternatives and even adds in several thinking noises in order to make it appear more natural.

"The Assistant can then give you confirmation that your appointment has been booked for you". If the user wants to set the time limit on the use of particular apps he can set so with App Timer. This will enable you to get live updates as you ride in your local trains on buses.

"Today we're rolling out an all new Google News, which uses the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence", Google said in a blog post.

"Actions show up throughout Android in places like the Launcher, Smart Text Selection, the Play Store, the Google Search app and the Assistant".

Perhaps the most interesting new feature to be added was "Full Coverage". Other normal devices are not compatible to handle the functionality of the new features of the Android P Operating System. It is pretty good to know that all three new features are compatible with all iOS devices. By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be available in 80 countries and will support 30 languages. All you will have to do is provide the date and time to the Google Assistant. Android phones constitute round about 85 percent of the world's phones according to IDC which means Google's adjustment to its operating system signal a move in what we will observe in smart phone software and design for phones towards the resolution of 2018 and into 2019.