Phil Mickelson freestyles hole 13 of US Open Championship

Sunday, 17 Jun, 2018

Phil Mickelson let his emotions get the best of him Saturday at the U.S. Open.

It's a no-no for kids on a insane golf course, let alone a five-time major champion and former world No. 2 at the US Open.

Phil Mickelson took one of the more freakish penalties you will ever see at a major golf championship when he intentionally putted a ball that was still rolling.

"I don't mean disrespect to anybody", Mickelson said after his round.

"I seen the ball go past, he ran and he hit it, and he said, 'I'll wait".

John Bodenhamer, the USGA's senior managing director of championships and governance, said the tournament's rules committee quickly convened and unanimously determined that Mickelson's actions did not fit under that category. "I just finally did". He was on the 13th hole and was putting down a steep slope, then hit his first putt way too hard, sending the ball tumbling down past the hole and seemingly headed off the green.

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He cited the 1995 US Open, also at Shinnecock, recalling that Neil Lancaster went out in benign morning conditions and shot an opening nine-hole score of 29 to thrust himself into contention.

'It was going to go down in the same spot behind the bunker.

To put it simply: It's been a rough 48th birthday for Mickelson. It just got to him. "At that time, I just didn't feel like going back and forth", he told odd. And if that's the way people took it, I apologize to them, but that's not the way it was taken.

After a down performance to start the US Open on Thursday, Phil Mickelson bounced back with a 1-under on Friday to sneak by and make the cut. "You take the two shots and you move on".

Mickelson was having a miserable time before reaching 13.

A loophole that some will consider against the general ethos of the game, Mickelson confirmed that there were "multiple times he wanted to do it" before today's incident on the 13th.