Trump says will sign executive order to avoid family separations

Saturday, 23 Jun, 2018

President Donald Trump told a group of House Republicans he would back any immigration bill they passed, a White House spokesman said.

It was a dramatic turnaround for Trump, who has been insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision.

Bowing to pressure from anxious allies, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the USA border illegally.

"So we're going to have strong, very strong borders, but we're going to keep the families together", Trump said Wednesday when signing the order.

Under previous United States administrations, undocumented immigrants caught crossing the border for the first time tended to be issued with court summonses.

"I believe we can do two things at once - we can detain those who are here illegally and enforce the law, and we can simultaneously...keep families together", stated Cruz.

But on Tuesday, a top official from the Department of Health and Human Services, charged with caring for more than 2,300 such children taken since May 5, admitted they have no system in place to do so.

Melania was joined by all four of her living predecessors - Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Rosalyn Carter - in condemning the policy.

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GOP lawmakers, increasingly fearful of a voter backlash in November, met with Trump for about an hour at the Capitol to try to work out a resolution.

Mr Cruz's bill would double the number of federal immigration judges, authorise new temporary shelters to house migrant families and limit the processing of asylum cases to no more than 14 days - a goal immigrant advocates say would be hard to meet.

The president however made clear he was not easing up on his determination to shut down the border to illegal immigration, calling it a source of rampant crime and drugs.

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., said Trump told lawmakers he "would continue to support the legislation, and that people shouldn't be anxious that he would change his mind". He also said there's a consensus among lawmakers that no family should be separated. It said HHS personnel or contractors for HHS "will provide all care for the children", including supervision, meals, clothing, medical services, transportation and other daily needs.

House GOP leaders are revising their legislation amid a public outcry over President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" approach to illegal crossings.

He said he's reaching out to Democrats for bipartisan backing, since the proposal would need to reach a 60-vote threshold for approval in the Senate.

The announcement from the Michigan Civil Rights Department came on the same day The Associated Press reported that the Trump administration is running three "tender age" detainment facilities in Texas, where undocumented babies and toddlers are sent after being forcibly separated from their parents.

Originally the meeting was planned to reassure Members that he really was on board with the "compromise" bill Paul Ryan wants to bring to the floor for a vote on Thursday along with the more conservative Goodlatte bill, after Trump mistakenly condemned it last week.