Donald Trump Grossly Mocks #MeToo Movement At Montana Rally & Twitter Annihilates Him

Friday, 06 Jul, 2018

President Trump has praised Vladimir Putin during a free wheeling rally in Montana at which he vowed to make North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies pay more for defence, made a series of personal attacks against United States opponents and appeared to mock the #MeToo women's movement.

He again referred to Warren of MA as "Pocahontas" to ridicule her claims of Native American ancestry.

“Welcome to Montana, and thank you President Trump for supporting Jons legislation to help veterans and first responders, hold the VA accountable, and get rid of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government, ” the ad read.

"You deserve a senator", the president said to loud cheers, "who doesn't just talk like he's from Montana".

"Pocahontas, I apologize", Mr. Trump said.

Despite clarifying multiple times in the past her mother is part Cherokee, but she was not an enrolled member of any of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes - the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, or the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees - Trump has incessantly mocked Warren's ancestry since his 2016 campaigning days. We will take that little kit.

"Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying", the MA senator tweeted.

Warren visited a facility in McAllen, Texas where migrants were being held in chain-link cages and she has been a vocal critic of the policy. Elizabeth Warren and made fun of the #MeToo movement.

It was quite the mix of racism and sexism, but Trump has attacked the senator's "Indian" heritage on numerous occasions.

"Democrats want anarchy", Trump said during his Montana rally.

No top Democrats in the U.S. House or Senate have called for such a move, though Democratic senators considered possible 2020 challengers to Trump, such as Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris, have floated the idea of scrapping the agency.

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It set up the equation that prevailed for much of 2016 - with Trump adopting a position many people may see as extreme or offensive that causes mainstream media outlets to cry foul.

"Fake news. Bad people", he said, later adding that he and Putin "might even end up having a good relationship". Jon Tester (D) this November.

Trump's rally on Thursday was a classic display of virtuoso demagoguery and hardball populism that has already been aimed at red-state Democrats like Sens.

But Clinton and Tester weren't the only Democrats who drew fire from Mr. Trump on Thursday.

Along with bragging about his mouth and brain, Trump commented on the protester who climbed onto the base of the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday.

The president also said the IQ of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California, with whom he has clashed many times, is "somewhere in the mid-60s".

President Trump crudely mocked the #metoo movement while dissing Elizabeth Warren during speech in Montana. Below, then, are the 11 most risky lines Trump said last night - and why each one poses a real risk to the body populace.

"Democrats want anarchy. They really do".

Trump's solution: "get you a** out to vote".

Rallies like the one on Thursday also showcase a November strategy that combines sweet spot issues like immigration, tax cuts, the booming economy, and attacks on kneeling National Football League players with nostalgic reminiscences of his 2016 campaign that Trump loves.