Hamas plans to attack Israel with 'exploding drones'

Wednesday, 18 Jul, 2018

"Due to continuing attempts by Hamas to carry out terrorist attacks, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, after consultation with the IDF chief of staff, made a decision to halt the transfer of gasoline via Kerem Shalom until next Sunday", read a statement released by the Defense Ministry.

The increased attacks on southern Israel by Hamas come at a time when the Palestinians lack an effective leadership to make peace with Israel. Two Palestinian teenagers were killed, while four Israelis were wounded.

After midnight Friday-Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces hit an attack tunnel and Hamas training bases in Gaza in response to the moderate wounding of an IDF officer by a hand-grenade thrown during a border riot on Friday.

Many Israeli groups have been critical of the regime when it comes to how it has dealt with Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip over the years.

According to unconfirmed reports in Gaza, by late afternoon Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials had ordered their operatives to halt all rocket fire.

Hamas will face a "wall of steel" if it keeps up its aggression against Israel, Netanyahu warned, adding however that the threat won't disappear overnight.

Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, condemned the move and called the initial closing last week a "crime against humanity".

It appeared to be the first case of Gaza militants using birds to attack Israel and authorities said they were considering filing a complaint - under the appropriate worldwide treaties - about the use of animals for militant activities.

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Israel pounded Hamas targets on Saturday in its most massive bombardment since the 2014 war, while militants fired dozens of rockets toward Israel that halted daily life in the area.

Critics of the law, which passed with 43 votes in favor and 24 against in the 120-seat Knesset, said it was a blow to core democratic values such as free speech and part of the Israeli government's effort to delegitimize rights groups and NGOs.

"Arson fires have been caused by incendiary materials flown from Gaza into Israel".

Egypt has also maintained the blockade with Israel over the strip, in an attempt to weaken Hamas.

Hamas already has deployed several drones to infiltrate Israel and exploited the incidents as propaganda victories, IPT said.

More than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the protests. Organisers say the demonstrations aim to press demands for a right to lands lost to Israel in the 1948 war of its foundation and for the blockade to ease.

The former is equipped to handle Gaza's commercial and humanitarian needs while Erez and the Rafah crossing into Egypt's Sinai primarily accommodate pedestrian traffic.