Flash flood watch extended through Wednesday for Williamsburg region | Williamsburg

Saturday, 28 Jul, 2018

By late afternoon weather service radaro showed two bands of storms rolling across the state, one cutting through the states northwestern corner and a weaker storm rolling through Central Massachusetts. Considering how dry it's been of late, the elevated rain risk comes as welcomed news - and most of you have said so on social media. Daily high temperatures should swell to the 80s and perhaps near 90 by the weekend; nightly numbers will settle to the 70s.

The National Weather Service estimates the wind storm was a derecho that brought peak wind gusts of 85 miles per hour to Murray county between and South Main Street in Ellijay.

The flood watch extends into Wednesday, and until it expires, drivers should be alert to the possibility of high water in some places due to consistent rain and storms.

We'll keep you posted, hope you have a great week! Storms will push southeast into the early evening.

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The heat continues Tuesday but the rain chance ticks down to 60 percent. The added sunshine pushes temperatures well into the 80s.

Two waves of storms may roll through, the forecasters said, "thus, we are keeping an eye on the potential for flash flooding, especially in the slopes of the Berkshires", forecasters said.

As for severe thunderstorms, there will likely be a couple around through this evening, but widespread damaging wind and hail is unlikely.

According to Wilmoth, wind damage, heavy rain and hail are the biggest threats associated with these storms. Flooding along the Spring burn scar looks possible. Friday, storms will probably hug the southern mountains and I-25 corridor in the afternoon with only a few showers up around the Pikes Peak region.