Fortnite will be on Android but not through Google Play

Saturday, 04 Aug, 2018

"Epic wants to have a direct relationship with our customers on all platforms where that's possible..."

The fact that Epic is so focused on high-end Android devices is perhaps why Fortnite Android is rumored to be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at launch.

Despite the unusal move to avoid the Play Store, Sweeney doesn't think fans will have a hard time finding the game. And while a lot of Android users have probably never done that, the mega popularity of Fortnite means that many folks will probably happily grab the Fortnite Installer to get the game onto their Android phone. Considering the huge cost of running millions of constant online games that is a model that shouldn't make sense but Epic has been quite brilliant in how it makes money from the game: it allows players to buy in-game currency that then allows you to customize how your characters look in the game, and it charges "battle passes" - now $10 - that open up a wide variety of fun challenges within the game with rewards for their completion.

Epic Games announced that its highly-popular Fortnite game will soon be available for Android, but it will not come through the Google Play Store.

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On Android, would-be Fortnite players will need to navigate to Epic's website to download an APK that will prompt users to adjust their security settings specific to that one file and then download the game in full. There's still no set date for when the game will launch on Android. Now, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed to The Verge that the mobile game will be distributed from their website and not Google Play.

Fortnite is free-to-play on all platforms and that would be the case on Android as well. That's not the case on Android, though, which lets you install apps from unknown sources fairly easily.

It seems that the rule book for how to release an Android game is going straight out the window when it comes to Fortnite. As such, says the Epic executive, "any device from up to three years ago with a high-end GPU should run the game pretty well". It is also available on the iPhone and iPad via Apple's app store, where Apple takes a 30% cut of sales. According to the developer, this decision was made in part to bypass the 30% "store tax" that would normally be applied to purchases made on Google Play. Rumors have begun to heat up about exactly when Android players will get to play, but one interesting tidbit has already escaped from Epic's servers: how they'll play the game.