NCAA adopts college basketball reforms for NBA draft, agents, more

Saturday, 11 Aug, 2018

Some are immediate, while others first require action from other agencies - such as the National Basketball Association changing the age limit for draft-eligible players that has fueled the wave of "one and done" at the college level. The NBA already oversees the invitation process to the Chicago pre-draft combine and Portsmouth Invitational camps every spring.

The NCAA attracted a lot of attention Wednesday by announcing that they would permit a pool of "elite" high school and college talent to hire agents. While that may seem like a big deal on its face, the fact that it's. College players first would have to request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee about their draft prospects after the season, and that would clear the way to enter into a written agreement - disclosed to the NCAA or school - with the agent. High school prospects can be represented by an agent starting July 1, prior to their senior year, if they're classified as "elite" by USA Basketball.

All player-agent relationships, however, must be in writing, disclosed to the NCAA and ended when the player comes back to school. The NBA will be immersed in scouting the high school ranks once those players have an earlier target date for entering the draft, and if the NCAA wants to allow a select number of high school players to sign with agents, the belief is that NBA front offices would be most informed to cull a list.

The NCAA will also allow agents to pay for a student athlete's expenses related to the agent selection process or are associated with meetings with the agent or a pro team.

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That agreement must end if the player returns to school.

It's unclear when - and if that would happen - or what impact that would have on colleges recruiting NBA-ready prospects. Calipari said in an interview on ESPN. "Does he go to another school?"

One other notable change specifies the appointment of two independent groups to oversee the investigation of cases defined as "complex". However, it's also not appropriate for the NCAA to impede that pursuit, and some of these rules have previously been so outdated that they interfered with making the best decisions.

"Presidents and chancellors join all athletics staff in personally affirming the athletics program meets obligations for monitoring rules compliance, which is required to be eligible for the postseason", the new rules state.