Weekend brings best time to view Perseids meteor shower

Sunday, 12 Aug, 2018

The shower should be visible on both sides of the equator, although it is reportedly a better watch if you're in the mid-northern latitudes, meaning the top spots are European countries, as well as the United States and Canada. It's expected we could see 50 to 70 meteors per hour starting Saturday and Sunday night. We began 2018 with the rare Super Blue Blood Moon, followed by the Lyrid Meteor Shower and earlier this month, we witnessed another Blood Moon.

The Perseids are named after their radiant point of origin in the constellation Perseus.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, cancel them all, call up your loved ones, get in the brewskies, and cuddle under the night sky this evening - nature's about to put on a show.

The shower occurs every year between July 17 and August 24, and tends to peak around August 9 to 13.

Weather will be ideal this weekend to view the Perseid meteor shower.

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This weekend the night sky will light up with the debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet. As long as you're willing to be patient and work with any clouds floating around, skies should start to clear out Saturday night.

Meteors in general are small particles of dust - some as small as grains of sand - entering the Earth's atmosphere at a high speed, according to the Royal Astronomical Society. Meteors should appear at rates of 60 to 90 per hour.

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event.

Patience is key. It can take up to 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark for optimal viewing.

The best viewing will be away from city lights and other sources of light pollution. Smoke from the California wildfires that now covers parts of the western USA may create hazy sky conditions capable of significantly dimming bright stars - and bright meteors. "Even if the sky is dark enough, if you are exposed to any bright light nearby, your eyes will not be dark-adapted", said Bellavia. Scientists from NASA also said that camping out in the country can triple the amount of visible meteors.