Google Adds Unique Warning That Fortnite is Unavailable on Google Play Store

Wednesday, 15 Aug, 2018

In addition to making the game a Samsung exclusive (for a few days, anyway), Epic Games made a decision to bypass Google Play and host APK downloads on its own servers. After downloading the game, the game posts a notification to users reminding them to; "make their device as secure as possible"; by disabling the permission settings which had to be changed to allow the game to be downloaded in the first place.

With this in mind, Reddit user /u/DocyodaX created a simple, yet effective concept of how players would obtain skins in Fortnite for their weapons, and eventually apply them.

Fortnite is finally on Android, and it caused a huge fuss (over nothing) about supposed security risks that it would expose users to.

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Certain in-phone stores, like the Samsung Galaxy's store, will also offer a chance to download the game. However, underneath this message is a link to the Android version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is available via Google Play. What type of Android device you're using will determine where and how you install the game.

Controversially, Epic Games has chose to ditch the Google Play Store as the main place to download the game. Once the game is open to all, users can head to the official game's website and click download and choose Android instead of PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and iOS.

As Fortnite is still in beta on Android, Epic Games isn't prepared for the large number of Android players that would jump into the game if it was available for everyone. To put things in perspective, Fortnite for iOS has generated more than $180 million in revenue since its March debut and 30 percent of that goes to Apple, which adds up to $54 million. Following the raving success of PUBG on Android, Tencent is testing out a lighter version of the game for low-end smartphones, which is soon to be released in India after some field tests.