Texas woman, with baby, leads police on high-speed chase

Tuesday, 04 Sep, 2018

A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter caught the 29-year-old zooming 100 miles per hour down Route 90 - with the kid strapped in the back seat of her Mercedes SUV - after cops tried to pull her over on outstanding warrants.

It was reported that the chase began after she fled from an officer at a routine traffic stop.

The driver of the vehicle gets out and runs to the back seat of her SUV where she tries to take a child out of the auto.

After almost dropping the baby, the woman then jumps into the front seat of a passing vehicle, which police said she attempted to carjack.

The driver of that vehicle ran out and grabbed a child from the backseat before police pulled Rodriguez out of the auto and handcuffed her in the middle of the road.

The woman arrested was identified as Catilyn Rodriquez.

Rodriguez then passes in front of a white SUV before opening the door and jumping into the passenger side with the baby on her lap.

Texas Department of Public Safety    
     TEXAS Caitlyn Rodriguez then ran in front of oncoming cars
Texas Department of Public Safety TEXAS Caitlyn Rodriguez then ran in front of oncoming cars

Once they made sure the child was clear of the vehicle, police handcuffed Rodriguez and brought her in to answer for her previous crimes and the events of that day.

Another officer removes the uninjured baby and places the auto seat on the pavement.

A police deflating device managed to take out one of her tires.

Caitlyn Rodriguez, 29, was charged with evading arrest, endangering a child and possession of a controlled substance after the chase in Texas.

According to KSAT.com, the pursuit happened June 15 near Lackland air Force Base.

Her baby was turned over to Child Protective Services.

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