Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone could launch in November: DJ Koh

Wednesday, 05 Sep, 2018

Late a year ago, patent drawings revealed more details of what could be Samsung's first foldable phone.

Note that this doesn't automatically mean Samsung's foldable smartphone will be released this year.

Speaking to CNBC, Koh asserts future Samsung phones will debut new capabilities on mid-range handsets, rather than reserving features for flagship devices. Koh hinted that more details may come to light during the annual Samsung Developer Conference in November - which is unusual, considering the conference traditionally doesn't yield any hardware reveals. Users of the device must immediately understand why Samsung decided to make it, Koh said.

Unlike the traditional flip phones that require a hinge, Samsung is reportedly making a screen that bends. This is in line with Samsung's newly-minted strategy to combat the smartphone market stagnation by introducing some high-end features to its cheaper midrange lines. It seems that the chaebol wants to take things further, as a new rumor has claimed that Samsung may launch a smartphone with as many as four cameras this year. Will mid-range devices become more expensive? That's why Samsung is now trying to differentiate the mid-section because the idea is to deliver meaningful innovation to these customers.

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Two of these screens combine seamlessly into a single seven-inch display when unfolded.

While Koh didn't go into specifics about the device, he did boast that it would wow consumers and that anyone who uses the device will immediately understand why Samsung made it.

I'm still not sure I'm sold on the need for this, and I really hope they aren't going to unfold a phone into a DeX experience. It's safe to assume that Samsung will be charging a hefty premium for the Galaxy X, especially if it's the first folding phone to hit the market. When unfolded, the device will offer a different experience than a tablet.