Mirrorless Lexus ES Going On Sale In Japan This October

Friday, 14 Sep, 2018

Here in the USA, the technology has yet to be made legal, though vehicles are already being sold with video screens that replace the center rearview mirror.

Lexus will offer the world's first* Digital Outer Mirrors to be equipped on a mass-produced vehicle. From its namesake, it replaces the mirrors for small exterior cameras that will provide drivers a clearer view of the vehicle's surroundings. Another advantage is that Digital Outer Mirrors are shaped to resist the accumulation of raindrops and snow.

Lexus calls the system Digital Side-View Monitors and the images each camera captures are beamed to 5-inch display monitors located inside the cabin. Lexus will start offering Digital Outer Mirrors, and the first auto to get it will be the new ES saloon.

The 2019 Lexus ES Gets Cameras Instead of Sideview Mirrors, but Only in Japan
Lexus gives its new ES 'world's first' digital exterior mirrors...

Tiny cameras in a thin, rain-proof housing capture footage of what's behind the auto and transfer them to screens mounted in the area where the a-pillar meets the dashboard.

Japanese market versions of the 2019 Lexus ES will be available with digital cameras that replace conventional exterior mirrors. Lexus has also "enhanced" the view for the driver when the indicators are activated to provide better rearward vision when reversing. Each of the monitors are at the base of the front pillars. The cameras mounted on the front doors are far smaller and thinner than mirrors, for one thing, which helps improve forward visibility and reduces wind noise at highway speeds.

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